The Girls Turn 4! 

Dear Girls,
I bet you have heard me say “I love you” for too many times in a day, but,

Do you know that you three are always the last ones I think of before I go to sleep and the first after I wake up?

Do you realise that having you in my life is God’s greatest gift to me and I still don’t know why I deserve you all?

Have you ever thought that being away from you even for a while is a torture to me? 

Have you recently counted the numbers of gray hair I’ve grown over my worriness of your wellbeing?

Did you already find out just how many events, social clubs and hangouts and even works I deliberately skipped just to spend more time with you?

Because I’m crazy in love you three.
I love to spend most of my time with you.

I may not be popular in so many ways, but who needs popularity when I have the most wonderful girls in my life?

I sure do sometimes need some time away, but how can I be happy without you near me?

I want to know the things that make you giggle,

I want to first discover your new vocabularies,

I want to see you graduate from schools,

I want to be there on our celebration dinner after landing your first jobs,

I want to be present and give my blessings on your wedding days,

I want to witness your happy family,

I want you to hold my hands when my time has come,

But if it’s all too much to ask, I just want to say thank you Allah for the amazing four years of raising my triplets. May you three grow healthily and happily.