Triplets Go to School!

We decided to enroll the girls a year sooner than our actual plan after much thoughts and considerations, so instead of starting as kindergarten students, they’re now officially enrolled to a playgroup. So far so good, we feel fitted to the foundation of building a kid’s character in a certain religion-based education. The girls  will only be introduced to simple ABC, 123, nothing else close to learn to read and count, however, they will be stuffed with more basic lessons in life. How to be good to yourself, family, someone else, start to do your own simple chores, finish your food, respect the elders and all that jazz. I’m a big believer that young minds need these kinds of basic manners to start with, not only from home, but schoool plays as important role in creating a better nation and our next generation. Please don’t get me started with that current social media sensation which attracts millions of viewers, fans and haters over something that’s totally rubish and saddening at the same time.

Anyways, here are the troops during their first day of school! 

They wouldn’t let go of me for the first two-school days. Third day, which happened the last day of the week , I dropped them in class right away and let the teacher do their works of soothing three crying toddlers, while the class assistant seemed busy cleaning up Bridget and Izzie’s puke from what I could hear from outside the classroom and indoor playground. Kids need to be consistent and keep their promises. They have promised me that I should be just waiting outside the door and pick them up soon as school’s finished. But I totally understand, they’re only three and always around their family particularly me, all the time, so that’s pretty much common for kids at their age to be nervous and untrusting strangers. 

Still looked nervous and uncomfortable, but yet started to trust their teachers after third day of school. 

The girls always tell me their activities at school, it’s become one of our trending topics at home anytime now. They look super excited when telling their teachers’ names, one of their friends found a spider, and how they decided to make friends only with the teachers and not their friends. OK girls, wait until you find your BFFs. 

Today marks their sixth day and for the first time I dropped them in the classroom without any tears nor puke. Izzie only requested to keep the door open and her teacher granted her wish for a while as after that several kids tried to escape from classs and find their mommies. Seriously, although I have my own semi-private kindergarten at home consisting of three students, I haven’t been bored to witness the lively and dynamic atmosphere of a real one. Something to giggle about in the morning.